The universe of games

There, where the ...

The universe of games has not yet been explored to the end and is unlikely to ever be. Every hour, the number of games increases, pushing the universe in all directions. There are new worlds, heroes, threats, challenges, forcing them to conquer again and again, with the same excitement as the first time. New and new trails arise every minute and change every second.

We, the team of the studio, create our own trails in this universe, which the researchers are stepping on and our only task is to make the trip fascinating.

Everybody plays

We are glad that people all over the planet feel themselves drawn into the events of the most interesting stories with the help of games.

Multiplatform development

We use the most current tools that provide the necessary opportunities for creating multiplatform high-tech games.


Our game designers and artists are professionals who love to create new worlds, working through them to the least detail.

Ready Solutions

Despite the diversity of the universe of games, success is achieved by established solutions. Besides them, we still have a little bit of magic.
Eksteren LogoEksteren
Work in progress
Sc-fi melee vertical platformer with RPG elements. Game is based on Second variety by Philip K. Dick.
3165, on a distant industrial planet Malpuraĵo suddenly began to appear interruptions in the supply of energy resources to the city-factories. The unknown damage the power lines of plantations of nuclear power plants. The largest energy corporation "EnergioUnu" bears huge financial losses. To correct the situation, the corporation replenishes the ranks of repairmen. You, the leading cleaner of one of the outlying departments, solemnly raise to the repairman and are sent to restore the precious property of the corporation. You have to put on a new working suit and do everything possible to prove that you are the best in a new business for you.
Eksteren LogoTake Figure
Work in progress
Help Viola find lost things in the new puzzle game.
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